Who We Are

With a base of operations throughout California, U.S. Cannabis Laboratories, Inc. is leading the way in quality control cannabis analysis and research, providing clients with the careful management and testing that they can depend on. Whether we are handling medical or recreational use cannabis, we understand the importance in dealing with the testing necessary for proper clarification and usage in the consumer market.

This is made possible through our efforts to recruit and retain professional in the cannabis industry who are able to use their experience in the local, state and federal level that makes a difference.

See How It Works

Using the latest technology available to market, U.S. Cannabis Laboratories, Inc. is able to test and analyze the potency and safety of cannabis products. These tests include but are not limited to: Potency Testing | Cannabinoid & Terpenoid Profiling | Microbiological Screening | Residual Solvent Analysis. We also provide consulting services on cannabis management.

Experience Matters

Our experience team throughout our statewide facilities is specially trained in managing and testing cannabis-related products and providing for the upmost quality of care to ensure the reliability of our test results. Working closely with our staff, you can rest assure that the testing results will meet and surpass your expectations.